25 Food Additives You Always Wanted To Know About, But (Forgot) To Ask

When I used to eat any ol’ thing in the past, I’d sometimes look at the ingredients labels. Even though I was much younger and didn’t very much care about what I was reading as I was eating whatever junk was contained within, I did become somewhat curious as to what some of the oddly-named chemicals and somewhat-recognizable-from-chemistry-class compounds were and/or what they were doing in my food.

This an ingredient statement or a novel? *rimshot*

Nowadays, since I’m so much wiser, I tend to avoid foods with long ingredients labels; I’ve found this approach, eating mostly simple foods like fruits and vegetables for example, makes me miss out on the great sorbates and carrageenans and the like that I used to obliviously gawk at as I swilled this or that soda or made mince with luncheon meats.

Point is, I think a lot of people take the safety of these preservatives for granted; so, I wanted to compile a list of some of the more common additives, and break-down what, if anything, they “do” to your body.

So, without further ado, I point you to the two-article series I did on the matter over at Sweet’s Foods:

25 Food Additives You Always Wanted To Know About, But (Forgot) To Ask
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