About Dehydrogenated.net

Hello, folks!

Get ready for a typical about page! In 2008, I embarked on a new personal mission. It started with simply eliminating high fructose corn syrup from my life, when I had learned about its damning effects on the body and how it was in so many foods on the shelves. This learning was by chance; one day, I simply and very randomly decided to look up information about it online. That spark of curiosity eventually lit the dynamite stick for the explosion of dietary change that would affect my life in the coming years, up to now. I am very passionate and particular about food; it is a joy in life that, done right, can last you throughout your days. I decided to create dehydrogenated.net because I have seen a lot of misinformation in blogs and food websites, amalgamations of wives’ tales and slick “snake oil” type homeopathic doctor types peddling their wares at the expense of people who might be very sick and looking for alternatives to prescription drugs. Hippocrates said “Our food should be our medicine.” So many Americans are suffering debilitating ills namely because of the awful foods we’re eating, while shelling out big money to the pharmaceutical industry to save us from those ills. This site is not about debating whether or not the existence of such an industry is to blame, or the socioeconomic factors explaining why people may have addictions to bad food. It’s about two things: helping you amass knowledge, and choice. With this site, I hope I can show you that one doesn’t have to sacrifice flavor for healthfulness; and that properly planned, the price paid for convenience of quick, over-processed foods can easily be the same price paid for organic, wholesome foods. Along the way, I do of course plan to do some exposin’, and promise to do my best to follow the guide of science over subjectivity; even if it clashes with a belief I’ve held to be evident for a long time. I hope that my open-mindedness in that way will encourage you to feel the same way, climb over social boundaries of what people think (I’ve been called everything from an ineffectual hippie to stupid), and allow you to grow with me as we learn together. Be it an article, recipe, or review, it is my promise to give my all to get down to the most apparent truth and present fine methods for fine (and healthy) eatin’! This is the end of my sappy about section!

Sincerely mine,

Kiko Rex, Editor-in-King